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Passionate about the environment

Each year we stop over a ton of clothes from going to landfill.

We do not charge a single penny

We are so impassioned about our plight to save parents money and to STOP perfectly good clothing going to landfill, we promise, that we will NEVER charge parents, schools and PTA’s to use our website.*

*The only charge is made by Paypal for handling the transaction, we are working with Paypal to see if we can bring down or completely abolish these charges.

Be a part of our school uniform evolution....

Help your PTA or charity

Whilst you’re saving the planet and helping other parents purchase second hand school uniform, why not donate some or all of your sale to your school’s PTA or a specially chosen charity.

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Help your PTA or charity

Sell your clothes and make a difference


Showcase your business in front of thousands of parents

  • A unique audience
  • Local & national opportunities
  • Fantastic value for money per impression
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