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A school uniform needs to be affordable, comfortable, and practical – bearing in mind a single shirt could be worn and washed up to 80 times so perhaps digging a little deeper could work out being more cost effective.

When searching to buy school uniform I have to say I was torn between spending a little more for quality or trying out the supermarket brands and leaving a little more in my wallet.

Tesco School Uniform

Tesco have a 100-day guarantee.  There is no question the uniform is very competitively priced with a two-pack pair of trousers priced at just £7, two pack of navy cardigans are priced at just £8 and two pack polo tops priced at £2.50.

One Mum has claimed that after three weeks holes appeared, and the cardigan was faded. Tesco did refund her, but she isn’t alone. One mum also claimed her daughters school bag fell apart after a few weeks and the white polo shirts are thin and shrink.

Asda School Uniform

Asda also have the 100-day guarantee. Again, they are selling a two-pack polo shirt for £2.50 or 5 for £6. Almost too hard to resist. Two pack cardigans also priced at £8 with some other unusual colours at £6. Summer dresses priced at just £4.

The Independent have written that Asda’s fleecy school jumpers are the softest around – even after more than a few rounds in the washing machine and 100% cotton.

The Sun Newspaper tested and said “Asda didn’t do well on the polo shirt, which started to lose it’s colour. There’s some yellowing and it looks to have shrunk the most.

Saying that, Asda have 4 – 5-star reviews on pretty much all the key items.

Marks & Spencer School Uniform

When you purchase from M&S you do expect quality and the independent claim that the school shirts are no exception. Non-iron, so saving you valuable time in the morning, they also feature Stain Away technology.

A three-pack unisex polo shirt ranges from £7 – £15. (£7 for age 5 – 6 and under only).  A three-pack easy iron shirt starts at £10 increasing to £19. The gingham summer dresses start at £9 increasing to £14.

There are quite a few reviews that mention quality of the polo shirt – that they are thin and shrink.

Lidl School Uniform 

LIDL is selling a full school uniform for just £4.50. Each item, i.e. trousers, skirt, jumper and polo shirt at £1.50 each. Trousers priced at £1.50, Last year, skirts, shirts, sweatshirts and trousers at Lidl were all £1.25 – adding up to £3.75 for a whole uniform. The supermarket, which has 710 stores in the UK, will also sell leather school shoes for boys and girls for £6.99, a gingham school dress for £2.49 and a pair of school cargo shorts for £1.50.

Made for Mums said that Parents mostly go mad for the “great” prices when it comes to this range – and the fact it’s really in demand helps.

Sainsbury TU School Uniform 

Navy V Neck jumpers are priced at £6, pinafore two pack prices at £9 and a two pack skirts at £7. Three pack polo shirts at £6. The trousers all appear to start at £7 for one pair. They also have reinforced knees across the boy’s trousers giving extra resilience. The dresses and pinafores have some uniform that claim to have permanent pleats technology.

The sun carried out a test to compare – The polo shirt held its colour reasonably well and appears to have shrunk the least.

John Lewis School Uniform 

Long sleeved two pack of shirts are starting at £10 with short sleeve starting at £9.  Three pack polo starts at £7 (up to age 5) rising to £15 depending on age. Basic two pack of cardigans are priced at £14 – £20. (Age 6 and under for £14) The gingham summer dress starts at around £12 with some offers to be had.

John Lewis write that their ingenious designs, fabric protection and clever finishing touches mean each piece is designed to last, looks great and makes cleaning and maintenance easy. There uniform is 100% cotton with reinforced seams and knees.

We haven’t found many reviews on John Lewis, but one Mum said “John Lewis isn’t that expensive and the quality definitely is far better”

Grown Out of It – Second Hand School Uniform

Wherever you buy your school uniform there will come a time where your little ones have “Grown Out Of It” and you will need to buy new or you might consider second hand.

Have you ever looked at your daughters or sons uniform and think it’s too good to give away?

Grown Out Of It is an online platform for Mums and Dads to sell their children’s uniform / accessories and basically anything your children have “grown out of“.

Here is a little guide to show you how easy it is……

All you do is take a nice clear photograph of the item you want to sell. A light-coloured background will work best. After transferring your pictures to your computer, or uploading straight from iPad or phone, simply set up an account on Grown Out of It then click on ‘Sell’ located on the home page.

This will take you to the upload area where you can add your pictures along with detailed information about the item(s) you are selling. If your item is for a specific school then please choose your school from the drop-down box, alternatively if it’s an item not specific to your school i.e. trousers, musical instrument then do not choose the school option.  Remember to indicate the delivery options available to anyone wishing to buy. Then simply click ‘list your item’.

Once you have listed your item the rest is easy. Simply pour yourself a nice cup of tea, put your feet up and watch your item sell.

If you don’t have time to sell you can always donate your uniform to your school. With Grown Out Of It, if the school uploads uniform, they will keep 100% of the profits and can raise additional funds for your school.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us…we are here to help.


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