New School Uniform Rules By The DFE

For 7 years, we at Grown out of it have been advising parents to sell their second hand school uniform online, and not just anywhere online - on our website, we were the first website to list all the schools in the UK with the facility for the seller to list their second hand school uniform. 

Any parent can then search up their school and find the second hand school uniform they require.

Just recently the government has caught onto this and has been driven by two major factors:

To help support families finances
To work towards achieving net zero carbon emissions.

On Friday 19th November 2021 The Department for Education (DFE) brought out new rules for schools in order to drive down the cost of school uniform for families.

These rules include:

- Schools need to have their uniform policy published on their website and is clear and easy for parents to understand.

- Schools to use competitive and transparent contracts with suppliers

- Ensuring that uniform does not restrict where pupils go to school, also supporting the government’s commitment to levelling up opportunity across the country

- Schools must give parents access to second hand school uniform

These new guidelines which were brought out in November must be adhered to before parents buy uniform for the academic year beginning in September 2022.

So if you're a member of the school's PTA or one of your job roles is to adhere to these new government rules, why not get in contact with us - not only is it FREE to list, sell or buy your second hand school uniform on our website, we also have a feature where the parent can donate part or all of the money they make from the school uniform to a designated PTA.

Grown Out Of It - The School of Smart Shopping.

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