Lost School Uniform


There is nothing more infuriating then when your child comes home with the great news that they’ve lost part of their school uniform.

Recently my daughter came home and told us that she has managed to lose one of her school shoes, not both (for some unknown reason that would be more understandable) but one of her school shoes!

She advised me that the lost property department was hard to find, and when she found it, there wasn’t a shoe to be seen! We ended up buying her new shoes, and not the pair she wanted, a much cheaper pair, she needs to understand the value of money.

Buying shoes second-hand is a personal choice, however buying second hand school uniform especially if you’re replacing an expensive lost item of uniform is a no-brainer.

Actually you don’t even need to be replacing lost school uniform with brand new uniform, on average, school uniform can cost anything between £300 and £500 per year depending on what they’ve Grown Out Of, so buying second hand uniform is a really appealing option.

Some independent sportswear can cost in excess of £50 per item!

On average independent schools now change their sportswear every 3 years, they say the reason for this is technology in sportswear is rapidly changing each year.

I am sure this is a good example to set. World opinion is changing fast, as fast as global warming. With mass protests across the world, pupils bunking off school to be a part of it, this is exciting times.

There is also speak in the press of second-hand shops such as Oxfam and Cancer Research doing a roaring trade, showing that quality items are not just for one person to enjoy, lots of people can get wear and fun out of items that don’t belong in landfill.

Written by Marco Walker, a parent and Grown Out Of It Fan!

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