'Designed to help you buy and sell grown out of children's items, school uniform and necessities. Growing out of it, is inevitable, growing up is optional'
Sharon Jones & Michelle Jennings

Grown Out of It was born in the children’s playroom, surrounded by discarded toys and bulging bags of unwanted clothes jostling for precious space in the overcrowded wardrobe. Some hardly used, some never used, an all too familiar picture in many family homes. But what if others could benefit from these items, surely all of these perfectly good childrens clothes could be given a new lease of life?

So, in between the school runs and our office jobs we got together and started scribbling our ideas down, our vision:  To help families buy and sell unwanted childrens items, save money on school necessities and to help support local schools.

Many late nights were spent working away, honing our ideas, (accompanied by the occasional glass of Prosecco). Chatting, writing, agreeing and disagreeing, we spent all of our spare time exploring different solutions until eventually we came up with the perfect one, Grown Out of It, a simple, easy to use website for busy mums, dads, schools and teachers everywhere.

This was a huge undertaking, but with a little help and support along the way from our lovely friends, we can now share our website with you.

Created with you in mind, we hope the idea grows on you as much as it has on us and our ever-growing family of members. Here to help each other and make shopping for those necessities just that little bit easier.